Sep 18

beThis was passed along to me today and I thought I would share this with you – simple words that are powerful and thought provoking.

Rick Pitino, Coach of the Louisville Cardinals, recently gave remarks based on his new book, The One Day Contract. He asked how you would behave if you woke up today and had a one day contract to work that would be renewed at the end of the day if you did a good job. He suggested we should all behave as if we have a one day contract. And, frankly, don’t we? His message was simple.

  1. Master good communications. To do this you need to listen four times more than you talk!  Good advice always.
  2. Focus. Avoid the technology trap. Never use your phone for any reason in the company of other people. Put it away and give the people you are with your full attention.  They are the most important people at that moment.
  3. No moodiness! Moody people kill a team.  Moodiness saps your energy and takes the air out of your balloon. Be positive! He spends 98% of his time being positive and 2% striving to be positive.
  4. Don’t judge people by their cover. Rather, judge them by their passion. Passionate people are successful people.
  5. Get the most out of every day with your abilities.
  6. If you are successful, don’t embrace it. It it ain’t broke, break it and make it better. Get creative and get better.
  7. You need a meaningful distraction to get renewed. You need to get away from your work too so you don’t burn out and lose your passion, your fire. Excuses are a sign of weakness.
  8. You can be ordinary or extraordinary. It is a choice! Build your people and you will build your company and your success.
  9. No stress. Don’t put stress on people. People thrive under pressure but not under stress. Passion and pressure yield success. Stress yields failure.
  10. Cherish the past. Plan for the future. But, live in today. Today is the most special day.

I will strive to use these simple guidelines in my everyday routines. Thanks Coach!

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