Feb 04

Macworld|iWorld 2012 was kind enough to have the TechGirlz back for the 2nd straight year to talk about Technology and the challenges that women face in the mostly male dominated industry. The Panelists included Dani Deahl, Cali Lewis, Stephanie Rewis and myself, Shellie Hall.

One of the featured topics was our Top 5 Technology Innovations…things we just can’t live without. The list of must-haves for each of the women were completed different and relevant to each of our lifestyles. I have attached a PDF of the presentation with can be downloaded HERE, or by clicking on the photo of the TechGirlz on this page.

You can keep up with all the TechGirlz right here:

Dani Deahl: www.DaniDeahl.com, Twitter: @DaniDeahl

Cali Lewis: www.GeekBeat.tv, Twitter: @CaliLewis

Stephanie Rewis: www.W3Conversions.com, Twitter: @StefSull

Shellie Hall: www.ShellieHall.com, www.GetCreativeNews.tv, Twitter: @ShellieHall


written by shellie619

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