Nov 27

Okay – here’s the latest – Surgery Monday 11/23/09 – on crutches (per post surgical Nurse order) through Wednesday night, knee totally swollen, every time I try to put pressure on my leg tears come to my eyes – I call my surgeon Wednesday night because it doesn’t feel right – I thought I would be walking… He was angry that they put me on crutches, he told them no crutches and wanted me to be weight bearing. Yes, there would have been more pain, but I think I lost a day or so in the process of healing.

Lots of ice at least 5 or 6 times a day for 30 minutes at a time. I didn’t touch the crutches again and am now walking, but my gait is nowhere near normal yet, and I am still in a lot of pain. This makes me crazy because I have a high pain tolerance. Every day is a little bit better – I am hoping for a lot of progress this weekend. My surgeon called me back Thursday morning to check on me (and my state of mind) and assured me that everything would be okay. He said range of motion will still be difficult because of the swelling, but to do what I can. I can’t drive until Monday – 1 week – so going to the gym to even get on a bike is out of the question. This has not been easy, and I think my expectation were way too aggressive. I just need to be better so that I can catch my flight on Tuesday – this gig cannot be postponed.

Hoping for a good weekend.

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