Nov 11

First Snowfall

My Thoughts Comments Off on First Snowfall

Snowflakes_SHThe first snowfall of the season has always been something very special to me. When I was a child it meant making angels in the snow and having snowball fights with my big brother. When it was time to go inside, my grandmother would have blankets and hot chocolate ready to warm us up. I remember hours by the fireplace and winters with more snow that you can imagine..

As I got older and busier with life, I just looked at winter as bothersome and quite an irritant when taking the CTA to work or trying to deal with city traffic. Over the years, I lost the love of winter and the magic that goes along with it. I found myself disconnected from a lot of things that I had let slip away – slowly quite unnoticed. It took many years for me to find happiness again and to gain the ability to let down my walls and to let life back in, and when I did, I began to rediscover the things I loved.

The first snowfall of every season should be shared with someone you love with a passionate kiss under the falling snowflakes to celebrate the beauty. I have not had that for a long time, but there will always be another first snowfall next year. So, here’s hoping to 2014.




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Oct 22


My Thoughts Comments Off on Decisions

quote-never-make-permanent-decisions-on-temporary-feelingsAs we move through our existence, decisions need to be made throughout the entire journey. Decisions about everyday things are commonplace and must be made on a daily basis. Other decisions we make could possibly lend to shaping the futures of ourselves and others in our lives. And then there are those decisions or choices we make that change everything…forever. Those decisions are permanent, so think with you head and NOT with your heart. Just sayin’.

I have never been one to sit idly while life passes me by – I just can’t, it’s not in my nature. If you don’t want to enjoy the ride called life, then I may not be your favorite person. I will never be content to rely on where I am at this particular moment, I want it to grow and flourish and bloom and I don’t see the problem with that.

Maybe I wear “Rose-Colored Glasses” or maybe I am the eternal optimist…I really don’t know, or care. What I do know is that I look forward to the first snowfall every year – for very personal reasons. I love to go the The Fudge Pot and get Caramel at midnight. I cry when I watch Steel Magnolias and if I see a hopscotch board drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, I dare you to try to keep me off it!

Some people may say that I don’t know what I want or that I am too picky or whatever. I will never settle for anything less that my heart’s deepest desire, when I find it I will know it, no matter how long the search lasts. And when that time comes, I will have to make some decisions and I hope that I get to make them with someone. Until then, I will make my own decisions and choose my own path, no matter what the outcome.

The universe has been kind to me and given me guidance throughout my life and I have no reason to feel that will change anytime soon. So here’s to good (and bad) decisions.

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Oct 20


My Thoughts Comments Off on Dreams

dreamFor as long as I can remember, I have had very vivid dreams at night. I can remember them most of the time, especially if I have the opportunity to talk about them with someone upon waking. During the last two weeks, my dreams have crossed into a line of reality-confusion, kinda not knowing what’s real and what’s not. Sometimes these types of dreams can be very pleasurable and at other times highly disturbing. Some of my dreams send a very clear message, which tell me I am on the right path and others just scare the crap out of me with a big flashing “DANGER” sign.

Right at this moment, I am still shaking because of a not so pleasant dream, yeah I guess you could say it was a nightmare that took over my sleep around 4am – which caused me to wake up in full panic mode. It felt so real and I was still thinking it was happening when I woke up. I haven’t been this frightened in a long time, and I felt like I had ZERO control over my own situation. Maybe this all ties in together with a situation I have been involved with for a couple of years that is now threatening my chance for real happiness in the future. I know that (if anything does come of the threats) the person or people involved are only ultimately hurting themselves. I feel very betrayed and taken advantage of, but it is my own fault that I let this situation continue for so very long. I am deeply hurt and saddened, but it is what it is.

On a lighter note – some of my other dreams have made me feel very safe and protected. I had the same dream twice in one week…I hate spiders, really can’t stand them, and my dream had very menacing spiders which were promptly destroyed by the person in my dream. I felt so safe – like I haven’t felt in years, which was a great feeling.

I do love the fact that I dream vividly and remember – but right now, I wish I could forget the last 12 hours.

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Oct 16

And the countdown begins…

My Thoughts Comments Off on And the countdown begins…

SH_SnowboardAs far back as I can remember, Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year. The leaves begin to change to gorgeous hues of gold, amber and scarlet and the air becomes crisp and cool. My wardrobe switches to long sleeves, sweaters and turtlenecks and I can now snuggle under my favorite down comforter at night. These small moments make me very happy.

This Autumn in particular has started out quite wonderful as I am venturing outside of my comfort zone(s), making new friends and opening myself up to new possibilities that weren’t anywhere on my radar. When you let go of the past, take off the blinders and open your eyes to the present, you just might be surprised at what you find. That being said, all of these indicators of the arrival of Autumn inevitably lead to my anticipation of the Winter Season and Snowboarding!

Six weeks from today will be my first chair of the season at Winter Park Resort in Colorado, and no, I am not in top snowboarding conditioning shape…yet. That all changes today. Over the next six weeks, all my bad habits go away and my healthy habits kick in. Full workouts at the gym,  healthy diet (no more cupcakes…sigh) and reduction of alcohol intake (another sigh…LOL).

My goal is to be in my best shape yet – 12 pounds to go. My dangling carrot to entice me to do well will be new snowboarding outerwear – which I have wanted for a season. If I achieve my goal prior to Thanksgiving, I get the goods…if not, I wear last years gear. Here we go…six weeks starts NOW!


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