Mar 14

March 14, 2013 – It is hard to believe everything that has transpired over the last couple of years. I knew that things would change, as they always do, but never imagined how MUCH they would change.

Right now I am in a really good place in most aspects of my life. I have a great job that I really like, and they really like me too. I am meeting and making new friends every single day, which was almost an impossibility when working from home for the past decade. I am enjoying every moment of every single day and looking forward to the new adventures life is going to bring. This Winter I had the best snowboard season yet, and realized (once again) that it is something I never want to live without.

I am finding completeness in all aspect of my life except love. However, I feel that will come too, when it is time. Being single for 2 years has really given me perspective and insight into who I am and who I want to be. I know that I can love wholly and completely, something I don’t feel that I have really done before. I was always distant and didn’t really give of myself completely. I have recently just really started opening up and learning to trust again, and I realize that it is okay to get hurt when you do that because if you don’t put yourself out there, you will never find love.

I am happy and content. I am alone, but I am not lonely. Sure, there are times when I would love to have someone to cuddle with and be close to, in time it will come. I am sure of that.

So – Happy Pi day!

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