Aug 18

Ivan and ShellieIn the early 80’s, Ivan DeJesus was a shortstop with the Chicago Cubs. While with the Cubs, DeJesus hit for the cycle on April 22, 1980, becoming the first Cub to accomplish the feat since 1966. Ivan became a friend of my dad’s during that tenure with the Cubs. During that time, my dad, Wayne Hall, would host parties/dinners for the Cubs players when they were in town and looking for a home cooked meal and a place to chill without photographers or autograph seekers. I was never surprised to head down to our living room and see the likes of Willie Hernandez, Manny Trillo or Hector Cruz hanging out and having a beer with my dad.

When Ivan came back to the Cubs in late 2006, my dad rekindled his friendship with Ivan at Spring Training 2007. Ivan and my dad get together every year in Mesa and this year during my dad’s annual trek to Chicago for a weekend of baseball, he invited Ivan to join us for dinner at Harry Caray’s, which he did. Ivan and I had a chance to talk a lot of baseball and we exchanged numbers and are becoming friends. We have talked several times and just had dinner last Saturday after the ballgame at Scoozi in Chicago.

Ivan and I took some fun photos and he is holding up my foot which I had surgery on 2 days after our evening out. Ivan is a gracious and interesting person and he knows so much about baseball. Ivan gave me a lot of conditioning tips for getting back on my feet during a 4 month rehab process following my surgery. Following in my parent’s footsteps, I too offered Ivan and friends a “safe haven” for a home-cooked meal and some good wine any evening when the player just want to relax for an evening. Looks like it will be sometime in September when I am on my feet – so until then – thanks for a wonderful evening Ivan.

Ivan DeJesus gives me a helping hand.

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