Apr 06

Yes – I have been a Geek all my life, and yes, I have been a Technology Geek my entire adult life. My license plate reads “TECHGRL” and I am usually the first in line to get any type of new technology device that promises to “rock my Tech Girl” world, until now.

When the iPad was announced on January 27, 2010, I, like many other Apple Lovers and Tech Geeks of the world immediately felt my palms begin to sweat and my pulse grow rapid as I exclaimed very loudly (in a totally crowded Starbucks) “I have to have one – NOW.” I realized I was not alone as there were several others geeks in the Starbucks streaming Steve Jobs LIVE and watching the announcement – that nodded in agreement. I couldn’t wait for the tech specs, pricing and ship date.

As I listened in awe, I first heard WiFi Version shipping in 60 days and 3G version shipping in 90 days. That means (approximately) March 27th and April 27th, 2010, respectively. Well, the WiFi version was available on April 3rd and I haven’t really gotten a confirmation on the 3G version. I began to evaluate my situation. Yes, I wanted the iPad as soon as possible, but I travel a lot, like every week, and I really need to be connected at all times and the WiFi version depends on available WiFi networks and 3G depends on, well, AT&T. So, choosing the lesser of 2 evils – I decided to wait. I have been called a loser, a hater and I have (to some) lost my Geek status.

However, for those of you that have just waited in line for 2 freakin’ days, and just spent a few hundred bucks on a device that will not be available unless you are on a WiFi network, I say – Blah, Blah, Blah. I will have the iPad I want and who knows…I might just event wait until there is a camera AND videoconferencing capabilities and flash compatibility.

Wait… I need it NOW – I can’t wait another 18 months – okay fine… but I am still waiting for 3G.

TechGirl – INDEED!

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