Nov 11

Snowflakes_SHThe first snowfall of the season has always been something very special to me. When I was a child it meant making angels in the snow and having snowball fights with my big brother. When it was time to go inside, my grandmother would have blankets and hot chocolate ready to warm us up. I remember hours by the fireplace and winters with more snow that you can imagine..

As I got older and busier with life, I just looked at winter as bothersome and quite an irritant when taking the CTA to work or trying to deal with city traffic. Over the years, I lost the love of winter and the magic that goes along with it. I found myself disconnected from a lot of things that I had let slip away – slowly quite unnoticed. It took many years for me to find happiness again and to gain the ability to let down my walls and to let life back in, and when I did, I began to rediscover the things I loved.

The first snowfall of every season should be shared with someone you love with a passionate kiss under the falling snowflakes to celebrate the beauty. I have not had that for a long time, but there will always be another first snowfall next year. So, here’s hoping to 2014.




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