Oct 22

quote-never-make-permanent-decisions-on-temporary-feelingsAs we move through our existence, decisions need to be made throughout the entire journey. Decisions about everyday things are commonplace and must be made on a daily basis. Other decisions we make could possibly lend to shaping the futures of ourselves and others in our lives. And then there are those decisions or choices we make that change everything…forever. Those decisions are permanent, so think with you head and NOT with your heart. Just sayin’.

I have never been one to sit idly while life passes me by – I just can’t, it’s not in my nature. If you don’t want to enjoy the ride called life, then I may not be your favorite person. I will never be content to rely on where I am at this particular moment, I want it to grow and flourish and bloom and I don’t see the problem with that.

Maybe I wear “Rose-Colored Glasses” or maybe I am the eternal optimist…I really don’t know, or care. What I do know is that I look forward to the first snowfall every year – for very personal reasons. I love to go the The Fudge Pot and get Caramel at midnight. I cry when I watch Steel Magnolias and if I see a hopscotch board drawn in chalk on the sidewalk, I dare you to try to keep me off it!

Some people may say that I don’t know what I want or that I am too picky or whatever. I will never settle for anything less that my heart’s deepest desire, when I find it I will know it, no matter how long the search lasts. And when that time comes, I will have to make some decisions and I hope that I get to make them with someone. Until then, I will make my own decisions and choose my own path, no matter what the outcome.

The universe has been kind to me and given me guidance throughout my life and I have no reason to feel that will change anytime soon. So here’s to good (and bad) decisions.

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