Nov 16

chicago_homeChicago has always been my home. I may go away for short periods of time, but I always come back. I never want to have any regrets or ever say…”If I had only done that.” Life is way too short to not take the chance to follow your dreams, and find more. This story will chronicle my adventures, my thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, successes and failures. I am going to be as open and honest as I possibly can, and I will conceal the true identities of others to be fair to them. Although if you know me well enough, you probably know the people whose paths I have crossed.

I always keep a journal which will help me to keep on track with telling you the stories of my adventures. I love to write so an Instagram or Facebook chronicle is just not the right outlet for me to express myself. Although you can always follow me on Instagram Shellie619 for a photo stream as well.

This is just a quick “hello” to let you know that a LOT more is coming. My first story is going to be what led to my eventual move to Winter Park, CO where I spent the last year of my life before moving back to Chicago on 9/1/16.




written by shellie619

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