May 26

I know that I haven’t written a post in a while, but I plan on writing again on a regular basis because it is actually quite cathartic to do so! That being said, last night I went out to shoot pool at my regular spot (I shoot in a Billiard League), and decided to hang out afterwards with some folks that I shoot with. Discussing ensued about tattoos, and my friend Sandro decided that he wanted to get a tattoo done right then! He asked me to make some phone calls, which I did, and we got hooked up. Sandro’s best friend and his beautiful daughter decided to head out with us, and our first stop was Chicago Tattooing and Piercing to see owner Nick Collela. Nick has done a lot of work on me in the past, and I thought he would be a good choice.

Unfortunately, the work that Sandro wanted to get done would take at least a couple of hours and Nick (now being a good family man) was leaving the shop at midnight and there would not be enough time to get the tattoo finished. So, he suggested we head to the Tattoo Factory in Uptown, and to tell them “Nick sent us”, LOL.

So we headed over to the Tattoo Factory and got Sandro set up with tattoo artist Bob. Bob has been inking for over 25 years and was super cool and laid back. I am actually going to go see him to finish up the artwork on my right forearm. I was super impressed with his mad tattooing skills! Anyways… Here is the series of photos from Sandro’s tattoo session. The photos range from the original concept artwork that was provided to the artist, all the way to the final result. Enjoy!


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