Jun 19


Well, it’s finally here…today is my birthday. I remember while I was growing up, and getting so excited about each and every birthday. I could pretty much count on a cake, presents, and being surrounded by people that love me. I wish every child could feel the joy and love that I felt as a child.

As the years passed, and I grew up and had children on my own…the excitement of having a birthday paled in comparison to my childhood. I relished in the birthdays of my children and my partner at the time. I actually dreaded June 19th because I knew that I could not stop time and the years just seem to fly by faster and faster. I felt stuck in a cycle that had no way out.

This last year of my life has been filled with extraordinary challenges – basically since my last birthday. So much sadness and loss, but I always tried to see the silver lining and know that things could only get better. With the love and support of some amazing individuals, I am now at a place where I feel very complete and ready to move forward in all aspects of my life. For the first time in YEARS – I actually looked forward to today…my birthday.

I have learned so much about myself and, both good and bad…but I learned nonetheless – which is always a good thing. I am single, alone…but not lonely, and there is a HUGE difference. I am opening myself to possibilities, and I have learned that I really needed to be okay with myself before anyone else could be okay with me…and I am.

As the wonderful and oh so sexy musician and songwriter, Brandon Boyd of Incubus, would say…

And in this moment…I am happy.

Always – Shellie

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